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Sunday September the twelfth

what a funny word… twelve…twelfth… strange… no wonder we use numbers more often then not!

Well I must send greetings from a drown rat…well that is how I felt as I dragged myself across the threshold this afternoon!  It has been raining all night and the fellow,an older oriental man who was very nice, I talked to at the bus stop said we are getting more tomorrow too!!

I must learn how to stay dry!!  I wear a rain jacket and sweat inside it sweater felt very damp by the time I got to the Broadway Church.  Perhaps it was the fact that I missed the first bus stop then was too slow in reacting for the second one so I ended up walking a bit to get to the church, or the fact I was a bit weepy… I am told this season will pass, but I have alligator tears at joyful times so I accept them and treasure the ability to express how I feel.  Not everyone is able to release their joy, fear and sorrow this way and I refuse to look at it as anything but a gift.

I was an hour early which was good since I could drip dry a little 😛   I sat in the sanctuary and listened to the worship team prep for service.  What joy to sing familiar songs and hear Jesus name being praised.  My heart broke with praise and thanksgiving that I could trust in an awesome Saviour.  I wonder what the other few people in the church thought…perhaps they thought I was recently saved or was falling under deep conviction, instead of just coming to a place of peace? 

The message was on the core values of the Broadway Church which was to me a interesting first glance at what they believe and who they are as a congregation.  The five main values they want to focus on are:

Christ centeredness– Everything they do must move people closer to the image of Jesus Christ.  This means that the core, content, and character of every ministry must be biblically based.

Dynamic Spirituality– They understand that a vibrant relationship with God’s Spirit is essential to effective living.  This means that they pursue, teach, equip, and model a Spirit-led life.

Relevance- They strive to understand and creatively speak to our times.  This means that they intentionally engage our world so that they might positively affect it.

Safe environment– They desire to be a non-threatening community where one can both seek and grow in Christ.  This means that the tone of every gathering and relationship be loving, full of grace and truth.

Generosity- They recognize that we are ultimately managers, not owners in this life.  This means that they will freely contribute of the time, talents, and treasures that God has entrusted them.

Accountable relationships- They believe that they are responsible to and for one another.  This means that they will create healthy avenues for community and communication.

They have a website if you want to know more.  I am not sure if it all glitz and glamour and plastic Sunday smiles, but I intend to find out.  I know I could sing and feel God alive and that is a good start.  I am not sure if they are as radical as Dennis thinks I should seek out, but hey they are family 😛  I am sure God is alive and working.  They have a young adults group… 18-35… why oh why am I always on the awkward age that never fits in!!  I am going anyway!!  It starts on the 19th and I already know one other person who plans to be there… he even gave me two cupcakes!  His name starts with an R and he is from the Philippines, only been here 3 months.

Even my water proof bag got water inside??  How did that happen?? And I think a new chapter in life calls for a new category for thoughts!!


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