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I’m in school!

Well I am in week 4 already of "the fundamentals of design"  I am really getting excited about going to school and I really am enjoying the course.  I was talking to my rep the other day and told him that so far I have 100% in my course.  He said that I sounded unimpressed about it, which I did.  I never really told him the reason was that I was waiting for it to get hard. I mean it feels too easy that I must not be learning.  Oh well I shall continue to enjoy it and do my best, whether it gets harder or not!

Now all I need is an apartment…  I know I should trust God more, and I have been having a bit of a slipping back in one area.  I knew I was slipping too and didn’t do anything about it.  I will change this, I know I had lots on my plate but that is an excuse I shouldn’t always use, God knows me 100% I need to respect Him and fear Him more.


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