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Sometimes I just end up hurting myself by checking to see what other people are doing.  I know their lives do not wrap around me, but sometimes I wish I had success where they seem to.

I know I am successful and have some very exciting things going on.  So why the disappointment?  Honestly I should always be “happy”.  But like I said to someone once happiness is an ever changing thing.

This is just another proof that if you take your eyes off of Jesus you certainly loose hope and focus.   People will let you down, life will let you down, YOU will let you down, God knows.  He is unchanging and ever faithful.

This is my oldest nephew, he left home this week.  I am not sure when I will hear from him again as the circumstances were stressful.  He is not a Christian, he is struggling and I love him.

Did I say I miss him?

God is patient God is good, even when life is misunderstood, He knows your hurting you have to believe He is ready to meet every need.  Sometimes the answer is quiet and sweet, sometimes the answer involves your feet, sometimes the answer is not what you asked, but it works when you look to the past.

Green goobers of goodness!  May they sick to you like cat hair on a black pair of pants!

God bless!



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