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Blah Daylight Savings… I want sunshine!!!

Good Monday Morning after daylight savings time…. sigh.  I really enjoyed seeing the sun in the morning… and now I have to wait till it catches up..again 😛  But I am not complaining!!  It was still an glorious morning… I woke up!!  Thank the Lord!

I once heard someone say "At least I didnt wake up dead!"  Well…now that would be something else!  I go through times when life seems very dark and waking up in the arms of Jesus wouldn’t be so bad.  Though it will happen in His good & perfect timing.

Last night I was awaken at 3AM…of BDS 4AM  (BDS is Before Daylight Savings lol). Now this is not the first time and I pray it is not the last.  I was dreaming about members of my church and one lady Telita in particular stood out and joked with me.   Sometimes at night my head gets cold so I have a small blanket that I put over it…and she was teasing me about my head wrapping.  Then my dream changed I had bent down to clean up some markers, and when I looked up I was all alone in my "art room" aka junk room.  It was the oddest sensation…then I distinctly heard HEBREWS 23:10… repeated twice in my ear.  And I was awake!!  Wide eyed too I might say.  Now my mind was racing saying…should I write that down…should I look it up now…what is going on?
Well I went to write it down, knowing full well that I would forget it by the time I got up, and I saw a bible there, so I wrote it down and then I looked it up.

Hebrews does not go to 23??  Odd… Hmmmm so I tried Hebrews 10:23 Let us hold unswervingly to the hope
we profess, for he who promised is faithful.
I read the context around it and it reflected much of what the pastor spoke of on Sunday.  That we should be Builders and not Destroyers of the church.  Encouraging each other and building up our faith together.

I pray I listen more in the next few days… I am interested in what I will hear.  I did pray to know God, His Son and the Holy Spirit more full to know the person who is God.  If it is Him speaking I will know, He promised that too in John 10.  Here is an excerpt: John 10:
3The watchman opens the gate for him,
and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them
4When he has brought out all his
own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his

So I will know, and I look forward to knowing Him more and more.  These days are changing fast and each day we are one day closer.  I pray for thos e who do not recognize Jesus Christ as their savior, I pray they have one more day.  It is not too late.


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