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Rules set us free to climb the mountain…and breath normally lol

Leviticus 1

Rules rules rules!!  Oh how we grew up testing rules..thinking when i get to be an adult I will make my own rules!  Not being a parent myself I wonder how people handle the making of rules for their children?  Do they see the benefit of them?  The fruit of discipline as it were?

In my own life I know the benefit of discipline in work, exercise and personal well being.  No one else is going to clean up after me and if  do not practice discipline in my house work the result can be overwhelming!

I read the first chapter and I wonder what I can meditate on?  God had specific requirements for the Israelites.  Very detailed instructions, He thought through to the smallest detail about the offerings.

Does He do that for us today?  Often I have wished for a step by step guide to being a good and faithful servant.  Perhaps He did not do this because He knew I would inevitably fail Him?  No one can be perfect, no one but Jesus.

Recently I read that Jesus became human …100% human… I always attributed His purity and sinlessness to super human abilities, but He became flesh and live among us.  Totally human, His strength came from God His Father in the same way God gives us strength as well.  So that must mean we can do miracles… Jesus said so Himself in John 14:12

I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

It must mean this even today!!  Why do we not practice prayer more fervently and why do healings not happen more and more?  Why have we become closed off from our faith in a God who listens?  Who strengthens?  Who saves?

Personally I let my selfish nature take over too often and run off seeking what I want, praying for what I want… But if we believe what Jesus says to be true we must believe we were made for more than selfishness…more than empty prayers… more than a going through the motions Christian life.  We were meant to bless the world through healing, feeding, and inspiring.

My friend Dennis says about his missionary experience that the days of miracles are real in the country he visited.  That the people believe and that they do great things for the glory of God through faith in His Son Jesus.  That the sick are healed,the blind receive sight… 

I want to know that God is real I want to have a story that is His story.

How about you?


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