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Your better than that

Funny how the light of morning can bring so much into clarity,  and the words of a dear friend ring so true.


‘’your better than that” did not hold so much meaning last night as I read them quickly as they do this morning.  So many times I do what feels natural, I go with the follow of things on earth and though I know I should loo heavenward I do not.  I was made for more than following the flow of the world…I was made to stand apart and be different.

Do I stand apart?  More often then not I am afraid to be rejected, but then at the crux of a situation when the pressure is on I turn back to God.  But I was made for more than that…I am old enough to know how little inconsistencies can lead one down to a place they do not want to be.

I get TGIF daily blurbs and today’s was meant for me.  The question it brings to my mind is do I stand out for Christ?  Do people see me as different than the next person who doesn’t believe in Jesus?  Or do I blend in so much that I am comfortable in worldly things and not seen as knowing Him, the one who not only died for me but gave up glory to walk in the dirty and grime of this world…  Not only die, not only because human when He is God, not only endured ridicule and scorning, but took the weight of my sin on His back before I was born… He knew my sins were coming and He said “here I am take me instead” to the wrath of a holy God.  

This morning I realized a truth I knew, God does not make mistakes.  He knows who is going to follow Him and who is not, He has to know because He is the God of the future as well as of the past & present.  I wondered before, why did God talk to me when I was 12?  Why was I full of His Spirit at that age, why were my eyes opened to His truth?  (Now I think of Mary…they say she was around 12-16 when she conceived Jesus…hmmm is this significant?)  God does not make mistakes, He was not wrong about me following Him… even if some days I feel like I am going through the motions honestly I love Him and believe what He says to be true.  I will trust Him with my future.

So to the person who said I am better than that… Thank you and when we meet I trust that it will be in God’s plan that we do so.  And I will remember who I am in Him and behave accordingly… I want you to see who is in my life, even if you do not know Him in yours.


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