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I had a DREAM! And the dream was…good

I had a dream…  well one that was cool and I remembered it… I shall also add it to my top 3 favourite dreams..okay 4 but one is just well remembered and was a nightmare when I was a child.  I think I listed them on here before?

Anyway I dreamed I was in school…hmmm… There was an eccentric older woman teaching the class and it was set in a rural setting.  What I remember is that this is only a fraction of the whole dream as i know it morphed into more of a horror or from a horror..I can not remember.  Anyhow I know this was the first or second lesson and we were learning Greek…hmmm… by reading a story from cards with old pictures attached (real cool old pictures too).  I had left the class to do something I considered “more important and could not wait” only to return as they were reading.  I had missed my turn to read and just as the story finished the teacher gave us time off.  I remember thinking..well I could have waited and done that now, as well as I will have to do better in the future…while I had free time.  I decided to make up the missed opportunity by reading the full story using the text book to guide me for the pronunciation.  I am not sure how well that would work, but another student asked if I could ride her bike to a spot in the country so she could carry her iPod.  (Like that makes sense?)  And we ended up on a stubbly field where we sat and…well I guess I studied cause I woke up with the feeling of the warm sun on my face and stubbly legs lol..  Hey it is true 😛  so deal!

Mostly I typed this out so I could tell my friend Colleen, but right now I am looking at the pictures I saw on the cards in my dream.  Well remembering them and savouring the look into someone else’s life.  I think they are pictures from my Grandpa’s family in England to be honest.  When we went and cleaned up my great uncle’s house we had a box of pictures.  Black and whites really cool too.

Well I have to say that over the last week I have really had a good time reflecting on where I am and where I want to be, well Spiritually.  I tend to cycle up and down and all around with my faith.  Sometimes I get angry at where I am in life and take it out on God.  This is what I have been seeking to correct.  I think sometimes life is life, enjoy what you have, work towards improvement, and do not worry about things you cannot change on your own.

My feelings seem to be something I can not dictate, sometimes they just are what they are.  What I can change is how I recognize them, react to them and in the long run seek to deal with them.  I can not make myself feel the way I want all the time but like in my dream I can seek to do better with dealing with them.  I have a plan for the next time when I feel Spiritually low, besides following my earthly desires (which I still have and hope do not go away even when I wish they would).  It took me a long time to figure it out too!  Well I will see if it works as well then as I feel it has this last week.

Anywho!  I must away!  So i shall type here another day!  God bless you as you seek to do better and remember..

You were made for more than this.  (that is a quote from a real good devotional by Proverbs Ministries)


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