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This next week

Well I am trying something different. Matthew 6:17 Jesus used the word WHEN not if but when.  That implies that all followers will.  Look it up if you want to figure out what.  Cause I read further and it says not to make it obvious LOL.  Is blogging about it making it obvious? 
Okay i want accountability so I will say it: I am fasting.  I decided on a 7 day version, and this will be the first in a few such weeks.  I know some people fast for long periods of time and short periods, but I thought a week would be good.  I will allow myself to drink juice: Tomato (sparingly), Orange, Apple and Pineapple.  I am thinking a max of 4 cups a day.  Water I will be allowed 8 cups, and as I rarely have made it to 8 cups I think I will be fine. 
The hard test is not thinking about the things I do not have, but focusing on God and what He has for me.  Which is why my focus is for direction and spiritual healing.  Well there are areas of my life I never really could get a rein on and lately have sky rocketed in intensity.  I was so busy thinking about what I do not have in my life that I turned to those desires and away from God. 
Monday I tested Him.  I had gotten a ride to work and it is -27C ish, in the eening I decided to walk to the post office to test the weather… the whether or not I could walk home :P.  On my way there the wind was horendous and I was frozen, obviously not walking weather.  As I approached the post office a thought danced through my head: "If God was real then He could provide a way for me to get home without walking."  And He did.  My friend and co-worker Roxy just happened to check the mail whilst I was warming up inside and she just happened to have time to give me a lift home.  God is good all the time.
I read today in Isaiah 54:10
Though the mountains be shaken
and the hills removed,
yet My unfailing love for you will not be shaken
Nor my covenant of peace be removed,"
says the Lord, who has compassion on you.
Who am I that he should love me, even when I knowingly dishonor Him?  Will I do it again?  Most-likely at some point I will fall again, but I hope not to.  Even though I feel like I am 100 miles away from where I should be in my relationship with God, He is right there loving me.  It is amazing, praise the Lord.

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