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More blabbering on about me….

Phew …survived another one… though this time I am left chatty and… well crazy.  I am doing my best to drive my friends batty as well.. though they don’t know it.  I just want one thing,and that thing is what I am told by circumstance that I can not have it.  Grrr  this makes me crazier!!

Well enough about me… how are you doing this new year?  Are you tense and over worked?  At least you have a job.  I know people searching… not fun.  Are you chubby and feel like you need to loose weight?  Wow you get to choose to eat or not eat.. now that too is a blessing!! Though weight loss can be a hard thing to attain, at least you get to choose to work at it and feel good when you achieve it (and I know you will I have faith in you!) 

Currently I am going through a metamorphosis in my own life…  Going to school, moving away… now that it feels possible  I wonder if I shouldn’t just do the move away part of it… but I hate doing things with out a purpose.  (and yes this is the real reason I scare boys…)  I can only be interested in fun for so long..then I push for something more.  The funny thing is that if a guy decides that he is gonna marry me I still push for more… I want him to love ME…not just the idea of marriage and intimacy.  I guess I ask for that from myself too, no matter how I pursue what I "want".  Ah well… Single is significantly better than unhappy and I am headed for a huge adventure!!  I hope to drag you along …kicking and screaming if necessary!!

Rats I am egocentric eh?… It’s all about me …bah!!


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