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My interview my thoughts my struggles

Well my interview went really well… was kind of scary not to have many questions, but I didn’t have many.  I think I take a bit to absorb things.  I can always give Stewart a call after Christmas if I think of more questions.

Now I have to talk to my folks and see if it is feeisible or not.  I know I have a long road of figuring stuff out ahead, but I think I want to go for it.  It would be  a big challenge.  I have heard lots of negative opposition on it as well, people trying to make sure I have thought this through.  One person reminded me that good jobs are hard to find, and though it is a family business I might not get the same position back.  Another reminded me that though they promise to help you find a job at the end..they will only try for a short while, and I still have to find the job in the end not rely on them.  Which actually makes sense…I mean if I sat back and waited for them to find me a position and was not activily seeking a position…who would hire me? 

One thing I like about the Art Institute is that they are career focused and start at the beginning with that being the focus of the training.  They have job fairs and interaction from the industry through out the program.

Is it the right choice for me?  Is it the wrong choice for me?  Not making a choice is wrong in the first place.  Just continuing as I have been with out direction or passion does not seem like an answer.  I keep stumbling into problems and ending up empty.  I also wonder maybe it is just my attitude?  But if I never try anything else…what then?  And I have been wishy-washy about wanting to do somethign for years…do I just give up now because "I have wated too much time already"?

Well time to talk to the folks… and check the budget and well everythign else… time to make a plan!  I have to write an essay to send with my application… I think writting it will help me decide if this is what I want to pursue.  I can do it!!  I can be brave!!  I can take risks… I could een run with scissors to prove it… but nah LOL


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