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Today it is COLD

Funny how I had the drum  beat blog… yesterday I just felt like bashing my drum!!  Grrrrr!!!

I feel better today…but I am babysitting 4 wonderful kids tonight.  They are high energy but full of love, their bed time is 8PM sharp! I have been told…soo this should prove interesting!!  I will try and post some pictures of our adventure tomorrow..or Thursday.  This is all provided my computer returns today!!

Oh FedEx where for art thou?  Bringst thou a treasure for me?  I Beseech thee come!!

I am not sure what 3rd party carrier they are using….sigh so today I get to wait and then..wait and then call around!!

Which is -35F for you crazy people in the south.  But it is expected to warm up to -30C Yeah!!!


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