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Dance to the beat of YOUR drum!

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is
because he hears the beat of a different drummer. Let him step
to the music he hears, however measured or far away." Thoreau

I think today that is very appropriate though my drum is FROZEN at -30000 C… okay that might be a slight exaggeration…  -40C ish.

I heard of a disruption in plans the other day, and I have to admit I was upset by it.  But I do not want to bang a drum and raise awareness about the anger or inconvenience (rather injustice!!) about an event that honestly does not concern me…much.  I have no control over it, I am not involved in it, all I can do is listen to the thoughts of those who are and pray about the situation.  I have been doing this.

I do not want to join the mob but beat the drum of forgiveness and harmony.  Though life might get juggled around I have to remember and want to remember…God has a plan for this too.  Things happen for a reason…believe it or not.  Somethings I would not want to try and explain, one day God can tell us if He so chooses why this or that.  I hope that He will open my eyes to see enough of the big picture about my life to show me Him in it.  I try to pause at times to reflect to see why certain things occurred, how my choices affected EVERYTHING..and how through out it all God is in control.

I have been a tad off balance in some parts of my life this week.  My Christian walk being distorted a bit.  Who am I?  How should I act?  Will I change?  I have changed over the last year… leaps and bounds… I am not always sure I like me, but there are things I am glad to see have changed.  I am definitely more bold and less worried about the thoughts of others.  Honestly I only get one life to mess up so I better do it well   Okay one life to LIVE.. so I better live it fully, honoring & respecting others as well as myself.  And being daring enough to say and do things that others might not.  I am quick to forgive and accept people as they are, not trying to change them…

Which makes me feel inadequate to be a good Christian, because I do not tell my friends about Him enough.. and then I wonder, but I realize perhaps that is what God wants me to do… to BE their friend and LOVE them… not to preach at them.  Sometimes I get confused.  I do want to honor God and I do want to be His servant with out having to "play act it"..I want to be genuine!!
I am the only one doing Cellular phones at work today… woooo hoooo… Should be a fun day.


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