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Well time to celebrate the small stuff…

I made a goof up and billed the wrong company for some stuff.  Luckily the company that was supposed to be billed was more than happy to accept the charges.  The fellow who charged the stuff said it was theirs and they asked me to bill it to them.

We have had people charge stuff to companies that they thought "owed them".  And being a small community we are pretty trusting for the most part.  There are a few companies that have raised a stink so we have an employee list for them to way-lay anymore problems.  It’s a double edged sword this trust thing.. if you protect them and yourself they feel untrusted and if you just trust blindly you get scammed.

Today there are 2 weeks to Christmas… only TWO WEEKS!!  Where did this year go?  So many things I wanted to change by January…so many things I have changed.  And I am changed.  I can feel it… a new confidence and determination.  Lord where are You taking me this year?  And the next?  I trust You, I am I am!!

Though I have to admit I have had days not all that long ago that I have been anything but ready.  I am grateful that God is not finished with me yet. 


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