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I am not a stalker gibberish..

I am not a stalker… this has been confirmed.  I now know what a real stalker looks like and I can confirm and deny that I in fact am not a stalker….

Well I only stalk people who need a good laugh and .. well who make me laugh. 

I stalked the bunny and the bunny hopped away
I stalked the bumbly bee and he just buzzed at me!!
I stalked a consort and he squished me flat…
I stalked a stonechipper and he saw to it that I was rock solid!!
I stalked a little girl…man she was annoying!!
I stalked a fuzzy bob…but that didnt get me anywhere…
I stalked a minute wait a nursemaid and her sparkling green mist…
man she was annoyig too so I now tell you this…

I am not a stalker, I walk the halls in vain!!
I run around the corridors and whisper in my pain!!
"I am not a stalker now come back here and fight!!"
"I am not a stalker..and I aint got all night!!!"
"If I were a stalker I would be sure to let you know!!
I’d hunt you down and haunt you as you go to and fro!!"
I am not a stalker and though it might sound bad…
I think I’d like to try it.. and that might make some sad
Muhahahahaa ha ha ha hahaaaaa

If I were a stalker.. you’d sense my very breath!
(I’d just stop brushing.. it would be a security measure LOL)
If I were a stalker.. you’d feel it in your toes!!
(I’m a bit of a klutz so I’d probably step on them LOL)
If I were a stalker..  you would tremble at my name!!
(some already do… I think they are giggling though?)
If I were a stalker.. I’d have to wear dark cloths
(… hmmm wearing black today… does that say something?)
If I were a stalker.. I’d know you phone number and follow you around…
(that is stalker 101… pretty basic but I thought I would include it for authenticity)
If I were a stalker.. I wouldn’t have time to blog..I’d be too busy texting and taking pictures with my real cool Blackberry Tour…
(it’s true…my phone is real cool)

Well that all proves that I am not..  plus the fact that I do not stalk people I do not know well.  I do not stalk people I know well… I am too innocent for that … *looks around*… yep they all took the bait and believe me… safe for another day… now where is that planner listing your every move… hmmmm…. 

Okay for those of you who stuck around I wanted to say that my PC is on it’s way back from repair and I should be back in business by Tuesday 🙂
**the stalker


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