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Who are you and what did you do with my cat??

I’m in such a goofy mood right now… I’d consider me at my most fun arch in my personality.  I could giggle at any moment.. woot woot!!!  I think I just got the Christmas spirit… but along with it comes chatter… ugh… chatter with no particular course or vent… sigh.. I refrain from texting, calling, or e-mailing as it is mindless nonsense… so youwho are reading this get too….

Whomever you are?!?!?  *looks suspiciously at the monitors and ponders… Hmmmmm hmmmmm 

I wonder if you know how curios I am and how much I wonder who you are.. and are you doing it to torture me… cause someone is reading this mobilely and they read a couple of times today.. and now I wonder if it is one person or multiple persons.. and do I know them.. are they laughing as they read this??  Hmmmm hmmmmmm


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