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More proof of insanity

I am so hot!!  … well we mopped the floor at work and I am cooking .. seriously smoking hot…  well if I stood outside I would steam a little…maybe even make some fog.  Well…  I am just posting this because I am trying to drive up the number of posts…

I would post a story but it might be a repeat… aww who cares.

My dad and I went to UFA to purchase some stuff… I wanted cat food.  I went to the pet food shelf..and dog food.. more dog food and even more dog food.  So I went to the front desk where my dad was and I asked the manager "Do you hate cats or something?"//to which he replied "no catfood there?" and he was sure they had some so he called to the warehouse.  "Apparently we do hate cats!" he said…since they were totally out.  After a bit of a laugh my dad and I headed out the door, my dad saw a sign that there was a sale on "CAT" products and my dad said that was probably why they were out.
I e-mailed the manager today to ask for a call when the cat food came in and told him about what my dad said about the sign.
He replied that people had been asking for sale on cat stuff because of the CAT sale.

yeah I think I posted that yesterday.. but it is still funny and was a good moment in my day 🙂


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