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blabber blabber blabber

I was once told that I am hard to follow because I post 3+ times a day… I am going for a record today LOL

My niece and a friend of hers are going to come up for Christmas to this area.  I am not sure how much time I will get with these two ladies, but I look forward to it with joy and anticipation. It should be an exciting Christmas.

I am typing here to curb my chattering tongue and my wandering eye.  And no I am not going to explain this comment.  But I will try not to put burdens on people who are not the people to bear them   ..wait was that me explaining something?  Grrrr I blame an over active chattering tongue… duh I said that already.

I want what I want what I want.. GRRRR  but I can’t make it happen…. blah!!

Well I have the meeting to think about and focus on.  Sorry for bugging people… No wait.. I was still funny and witty and enjoyable.. HA!


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