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AHHHHHHH…. breath

Well now…  Dec 17 will be an interesting day.  Till then I get to do some research about AI and figure out if the program is for me… well S and I will figure that out on the 17th.  I guess I should talk to my folks about what I am thinking, but I have been telling them that I am looking into my options.  Sounds like they might have forgotten, and I should be considerate enough to talk to them on a regular basis.  My room-mate too I suppose

Cheryl your para-sailing made me more brave…  Thanks.  Dennis your conversations opened me up to see that perhaps missionary work was not what God wants for me.  The MCC convention opened me up to the idea that God calls people to be different things and that it is just as honoring to Him to be a lawyer, doctor or whatever as it is to be a missionary.  What matters is the same thing that always matters… where is your heart in this decision?  Are you for Him or against Him?

35 years old and… still not sure what I want to do when I grow up.  But at least I am knocking on doors and checking things out.  I do not want to go to art school to be a better artist, but I wouldn’t mind learning how I can use my creativity in a real way.  That’s what the Art Institute of Vancouver sounds like, and even if I am not a good fit for them I think I will still learn something from this experience.

HA HA for once my blog is not depressing or about being single Woot woot *makes a little noise, does a little dance… gets down tonight!! 


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