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Things I learned in Mexico

1. They Mayans domesticated honey bees, and the Mexican honey bee has no stinger 🙂 Now that is one tame bee!

2. There is no such thing as free Wi-Fi in Mexico.

3. Parasailing is wicked awesome, man!!

4. Do not leave money anywhere!  Hidden or not they will find it.

5. If it rains outside your room it might rain inside your room!!!

6. When staying at a resort where people drink themselves stupid..or just are stupid..unplug your room phone or they might prank call you every night around 3-4am and think it is funny.

7. There is no substitute for wearing good footwear.

8. Even when you think you have covered yourself in sunscreen…you might find a few surprises!

9. Mayan lineage was through the woman not the man.

10. Finger painting can be a fabulous art form.

11. Patience is a virtue that can be tested and tested, and when you think your running out of go to the buffet instead of the Thai restaurant!

12. When parasailing you might see some really strange dark circle…don’t worry it will follow you like a shadow… but it seems to disappear when you land.

13. Iguanas do not eat small children…because small children RUN from them!

14. Apparently Iguanas taste like chicken…hmmm.

15. The male peacock is like the male human…both like to strut their stuff and enjoy all the attention of the females when they stretch their plumag..I mean muscle.

16. Flat Stanley’s fit in EVERY suitcase!!

17. The sea is really rough when your riding a jet-ski trying to get to a speedboat so you can go parasailing. 

Well I am home… don’t worry more pictures will come!


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