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Who was Clarence?

I didn’t know him very well, only met him a few times.  He was a 12 year old cowboy with a heart of gold.  I really only have two memories of him..well three. 

My first encounter was when my dad went to visit his father.  I needed to talk to my dad and I called to his house and his mom thought I was his teacher so instead of giving me my dad Clarence she gave the phone to her son Clarence.  He was real polite on the phone, though just as confused as me 😀

My second encounter that I remember was when his family came to visit for a few minutes at our house and Clarence & Mathew pulled my antique train luggage wagon around with some of the other siblings on it.  They were so hyper and fun loving, they made me feel like family.

My third encounter was when I brought my niece to his school to return something to a friend.  He came out to greet his cousin and me like a real gentleman!

He wore a cowboy hat and a genuine smile.  He looked after his siblings and worked hard on the farm.  He got up early to spend time with his father and loved his mother.  He was going to be 13 on Dec 3rd.  He will be missed by everyone who ever saw him smile.

Into Your hands he went Lord and I look forward to getting into mischief with him in heaven one day.

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