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I love George Bernard Shaw!

"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing." George Bernard Shaw

I like that quote.  It was in a devotional I am doing called "30 days to live" and I am going to take a day off from it.  I think that is something God approved.  I will still do devotions after work, but calmer and shorter.  I have been pushing myself to finish it and not take any longer than 30 days, but there are good challenges in it about relationships and my relationship with God.  I need to apply some of these changes and get a bit organized.

Plus I am quite sick and sore today… I am not sure how well I can honestly think or retain information.  PMS has crept past when I wasn’t looking and this time no emotional outbursts or crazy "all my friends dislike me" thoughts bursting through… they bubbled a little, but they are just full of hot air anyway.  Lies the devil cooks up to stunt my relational growth.  I will not listen anymore.  Even I dont dislike me… which is a good thing.. cause  I am cool.

Feels like the ibuprofen is kicking in…  mostly….  I really need a nap to totally zap the pain. 


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