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subtle eh? LOL

Parking Solution

A pastor of a two-church parish had to drive every Sunday morning about
4 miles from the 9:30 service at one church to the 11 o’clock at the
other. He would often find the parking lot of the second church full,
and be forced to park down the road and race to the church on foot.

The problem was finally solved when he selected a parking spot
near the side door of the church and posted a sign that read, "You Park
– You Preach."

*What a creative way to problem solve!!  No fuss no muss… what is muss?  I’ll have to google it… one second… Ohh I challenge you to google "no fuss, no muss"  .. basically Muss is by definition to put into disorder; make messy; rumple.  But it looks like I am not the first one to ponder this, phew!!!  At least there were answers.


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