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I’m currently on Tour!!

I got a new phone, a Blackberry Tour!! Blackberry Tour stuff!  I feel bad about it though… I got to work this morning and my old phone was clingering the wake up alarms… and I wasn’t here to comfort it.  My little BB 😦  I feel like a traitor with this sleek, camera enabled modern version of my old phone!  My poor wittle BB what will become of you?  Your still so cute and loveable… awwww.

What a geek eh?  Honestly I could have cried when I walked in hearing it.  My new phone clingers once then stops for 4 min, whereas my old phone went on for minutes…hours…days with out stopping the clingering.  I wonder if this new one will wake me up, or if I will doze on for hours? At least my family will not wake up so easily from it, and I do not have to panic to shut it off when it does clinger. 

Anyone want to adopt a poor abandoned BB?  She needs a good home, someone to love her and care for her and charge her battery once in a while…Wait so do I!! 


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