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Sounds like I get to tan in November 😛  I have never been to a resort before, this should prove interesting.
Lord help me be honest with myself and others, help me be strong in faith and humble in spirit.  Help me to lower myself not expecting that nayone should raise me up, but being grateful of what You have done and given for me.  Let me be a servant to others and thank and praise youeach day.  Then I wonder is being a servant to my family the calling You have for me?  Maybe I am struggling against Your will, not wanting to serve but be served?  Are my dream selfish?
I keep screwing up realtionships by my self preserving nature and it bites.   I walk into these traps laid ahead of time and keep tripping my friends up in them as well.  Some aspects are the moods that they are in,and the way they respond to others.  But I have a part in it to, I tend to be too passive and then other people step in to "help me" and I step backward and it looks like they were budding in.  Grrr  I am trying to be assertive, to act with confidence in the Lord.  To look to Him for His approval and not worry about the world as much, but I keep making messes.
Please Lord help them to forgive me as I also seek to forgive others, but Lord most of all will You forgive me this day the mistakes known and unknows that I have made.  I trust you with my heart, my frineds, my family and my life.  Help me to grow in love and trust of you walkingin obediance to YOUR perfect will.  Amen

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