Thought conveyance portal.

Oh and in my previous ranting I forgot…The moon!!

Obama and the moon   What did the moon ever do to us?  And didn’t they walk on it…couldn’t they do peaceful tests?  What if they hit a fracture or a hidden danger that destroyed the moon?  What then… what then!!

It is a sign of the times we live in.  Lord help us all.  Not to grow a long beard and walk around with a sign but the end is nearer then it was yesterday.  These are strange days we live in.  It is a call to those of the Way to live with more fervor, to be alive in Jesus Christ who strengthens us for every good work which He has prepared in advance for us to do! 

I decided it is time to LIVE.  And may God be glorified in each day… in many a way.  May those who call themselves by His name truly turn to Him and be connected in Him filled with His spirit, mercy, grace, compassion, forgiveness and love now and forever.  I ask forgiveness for being a stumbling block to others and pray to God for the strength and courage to speak the truth in love, and to truly love others. Not being afraid to tell people the truth, even if it costs me their respect or love.  Not worrying about what "man" thinks but serving my Lord with my words, thoughts and deeds.  (Not that I am now perfect for perfection can only be found in Christ, I am indeed a sinner and a lowly servant.  But I strive forward to be perfected in Him.)


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