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H1N1, hand sanity and the WORLD!

I know I know I went for dramatic and humorous effect with the title.  I have been listening to tidbits of the H1N1 virus and how the world is trying to "protect" themselves from it.  Mostly one heard a lot about washing your hands and coughing into your elbows… Please explain to me how I can cough into my elbows with Flem shooting out??  Hello that is why I use my hand and a Kleenex… then some hand sanitizer after. 

Now they are immunizing in the US for the H1N1…  Hmmm..  I pray it saves lives.

This all got me on the topic of hand sanitizers and the dangers of them.  Then Dwight says, "I’m a redneck and I think a person needs to get sick once in a while to build up natural immunities"  That’s a paraphrase..  I agree with him.. then I thought of the milkmaids in England and how they built up smallpox immunity..then I did research because I couldn’t remember that it was smallpox… Then I found this lovely literary gem… so now I share it with you:

the whole gem … or read my sniping..

….I mentioned Mary Wartley Montagu in the episode on the word fracas and she comes into the story on vaccination as
well. She herself had suffered from smallpox and lost a brother to the
disease. During her time in Constantinople as wife of the British
ambassador, she learned about how the Turks inoculated themselves by
passing around a nutshell at parties. The nutshell was filled with
smallpox venom and party goers would poke themselves with needles from
this delightful party treat

She gave it to her son and brought the idea back to England. The
medical establishment were somewhat dubious so six condemned criminals
were given the choice. Either we hang you, or we inject you with
smallpox to see if it gives you immunity. There is a certainty about
hanging and so they had their volunteers.
All survived and walked
one who forgot to mention that he’d already survived
smallpox anyway).
This emboldened royals to take the cure and so it
became the done thing. Except the done thing was to go to the doctor
where he gave you a small cut and then dragged a thread soaked in
smallpox pus through the open wound.
Most of the time this gave you a
mild case of smallpox and you were safe after that. Some of the time it
killed you.

** Awww the art of finding volunteers, and the "practical" methods used to inoculate.  It is amazing what one can learn on the internet…a quote from Lucy Lui in Charlie’s angels.


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