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Wow.. I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning

I am doing a devotional called "30 days to live".  It is about learning to stay connected to God and to live a regret free life. 

Today’s devotional is on being healthy so you can be a blessing to others.  Really inspirational and reassuring.  I find I can pour all my energy, efforts and time into "doing" that I forget to take time to refresh and renew my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical banks.  How can I "work along side God" if I do not take time to stay connected to God, and take time to know God through His word.

My life is changing, my heart is changing, I am being tested and tried, corrected and encouraged.  I am growing to be the new creation I thought I already was.  I often wondered why I had emotional moody times in my life, why I lacked self-control in certain aspects, why I felt like I was sliding down a slippery slope when I was this "good Christian".  I read the book "Stanely and Norman" a tail of two pigs.  Some days I am Stanely, feeling overwhelmed and every thing is so hard I can never do anything right, and some days I am Norman, the puffed up pig who thinks she is soo much better than those pigs over there.  Stanely is self-hating and Norman is self-righteous, Lord help me to see when I am wrong thinking in either direction.  Help me to be rooted and grounded in Your love and Your grace.  Knowing myself a sinner saved by grace.  (see Norman didnt see his sin, and Stanely didnt see the savign grace… I think it works :))

Thanks Dennis, Dwight, Chris, Rach, Julie, Colleen, Linda, … oh there are so many more poeple who God has gifted to me who have been helping me understand God’s plan.  All equally important and all directed by God’s spirit!!


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