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I got another one!!

I am so tired of getting these e-mails that try and guilt a person into forwarding something.  Quite often they use the pretense of rejecting Christ as being the reason for a person not forwarding it…  Personally I do not like being accused or manipulated into doing about asking politely?  That seems to work. 

The current one is:

THIS IS PRETTY NEAT.   93% won’t forward
A small request. Just one line
Dear God, I pray for the cure of cancer. Amen 


Ummm… now I won’t.. however I will still pray for a cure for cancer as I pray for those that suffer the effects of cancer, as well as pray for our governments to start being accountable for the adverse effects of certain chemicals on our ecosystem.  I am not afraid to forward a simple prayer.. But I refuse to add on a blackmail guilt ridden accusation that might make a busy person feel stressed because honestly they did not have the time.  Quit wasting our time with e-mails and lets do something in the real world!!

Honestly today I feel like picking a fight… this happens to be one of my pet peeves.  And I do a lot of forwarding, but generally only to those who reply that they like it.  I know some people just delete so I try not to even bother sending them anything. 


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