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Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking
That my love would always ring true
that I would do good in all that I do
that there would be less of me and more of you
that the sky would always be clear
that there would be love in all that I hear
that God would bless all those I hold dear
that the sun would shine on the land
that God would keep holding my hand
that things would exceed all I planned
that he would grow to know
the feelings that we sow
and that life would start to grow
I just wish things would work out so I knew they were true and that in each day I would glorify You.  I gave love away my Lord and I am not sure that I will get it back.  I am not sure I want it back, I wouldnt know what to do with it anyway.  I am learning about love from You, I realize I really dont know it as well as I thought.
Thanks Lord for mercy and love and all Your gifts from above.  Help us to grow to know you more as you pour out your spirit into our lives.  May your children glorify you and may you be glorified!! Amen.

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