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A day by the Mighty Peace River



Down by the river!!  We had a good time!  We played in the water, got sand in our toes, the wind through our hair and fresh air up our nose!

My camera stand broke.. hence the crooked picture!!  How do you like my rocks?  I turned away from them to take a different picture and then fell.  I thought someone had thrown a rock at me LOL!!

It was a good hot day!!  We had hot dogs to start with then the long walk to the beach!!  Some mud bogging and sand surfing…  Okay we walked through some mud sat in some river water on the sandbar..but it was great!!  Funny how one gets sand everywhere!!  One day I will live near a shore line….one day!

Till then I will take every opportunity to enjoy the beach and the water wherever I can.

Oh yes I am thankful for each golden moment.


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