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about Friday the 21st

My day… it started out like a regular day…till I woke up.  Actually that went well too… I remembered I forgot to use my night guard..but no matter it shouldnt hurt for one night anyway. 

I had to walk to work again… I didnt want to.. I wanted to drive…  the Trailblazer was and is in the shop…  so I looked again for the little truck keys.  They weren’t anywhere on the counters or my desk.  I was annoyed I would have to walk… so I walked… I talked to myself and God and I got upset about something I had already decided to let go… I was grouochy when I got to the store… then I had to search for my keys for the door… I practically had to empty my purse…  there at the bottom… the TRUCK KEYS!!! grrrr… 

**lesson one of the day:  God has given you everything you need, but sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find it.

So I decided to get Roy to give me a ride home to get the truck.  Then we get a call that the trailblazer is ready…so we get that instead.  I drive for 5 minutes and the engine light comes on… so I got the mail and took it back to the shop.  They gave me a ride home and I asked Roy to drive me to the house for the truck..only to realize the truck keys are now in the Trailblazer which is headed back to the shop….  sigh

**lesson two of the day: putting things back where you found them could save you time and energy and then you would know where it is.  More lessons sometimes what sounds noisy is only noisy because your upset…calm down.

So now I am with out vehicle.. but I find it all to be funny…   I still do not know what is wrong with the trailblazer and the truck keys are securily locked up in it… 

All in all I realize I have been grouchy and complaning about nothing all day… sigh … really I will look backa and laugh.  Actually I am laughing already.

About complaining….The Old Man’s Steps

I may be young in years, but I suddenly realized how often we

I live almost at the top of this tall steep hill. My step dad,
my brother, my dog, and I went on a walk to the bottom to a park.

On the way back up, it was harder. We complained all the way to
the top. A few days later, we were coming down the hill in our
car when I saw an old man. He was going up the hill.

He was taking small, slow steps but he was making it.

Without complaining!

Sometimes we do that to God. He’ll give us a task and we
complain about it. If we take small, slow steps we will soon
make it up the tall, steep hill.

All we have to do is do the task that is in front of us and take
small, slow steps to complete it.

~A MountainWings Original by Alanah B, Kent, WA~


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