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Birds of a feather… hmmm let’s flock together?

Yeah…  I have had a different experience…   Sometimes I sit and wonder.. then I ponder.. sometimes I panic and then later I wonder why.  How come I do not get braver as I age?  Why are things so complicated.

I went to a conference on July 3-5th… and I thought I would learn to be stronger, live simpler and just focus on God, but the speaker Pierre Gilbert challenged us to get out of our Christian comfort zone and tell people the story of Jesus.  I had met up with my friend Antonio (aka Anthony) again… and well our relationship too a change for the more exciting…  I thought the conference would turn me away from Antonio and in a new direction…but it did the opposite.  When Antonio came to pick me up after the conference I still had no clear reason why to or not to be with Antonio.  Grrrrrr I hate decisions…  But he wouldn’t let me not make one…  Which makes me respect him more. 

We are an odd couple… I have quirks .. he has quirks…  maybe it will work?  In any case I decided to try, or I would regret it in years to come.  So here I go down a different road than I ever expected.


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