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Well done all!

Wii had fun… LOL actually I really am enjoying the WiiFit program, I need to become less anal about exercising though.  I can do the exercises with out the fit to judge my progress.  I think I will start doing some of the exercises on my own. 

I also found out the Wii Fit lady is lying to me.  "you have good posture" "well done" "your strong" "your flexible"… why can’t she lie that I am "well-balanced" too??  Is that too much to ask??  Hmmm.  I was doing an exercise yesterday and I could not keep the pose, I had to put my foot down early.  She still was busy praising me, and then I did a pose that did not require the balance board or the remote… and again she was praising me??  What’s with that??  I wonder if it is the process of positive reinforcement or something? 

"Well done everyone!!!"  (we shall see if that works on you readers!! lol)

Each of us wants to hear the Lord say at that moment: "Well done, good and faithful servant." (Matthew 25:21)
Perhaps the Wii people are on to something, maybe by being told I am doing good in actually exercising (the minimal step of trying) that I will be encourage to continue and improve!!


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