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Wii Fit hurt me!! I will have my revenge….I WILL

Hey all!  I always find it interesting when I stumble upon a false belief or a real fear that I didn not know I possess.  Then I have to accept it and deal with it…right?  Sometimes there is little else I can do but acknowledge the "gap" in my armour and carry on the best I can.  Things like trust and confidence are built up over time and can not simply be "fixed" when they are lacking or questioned. 

I try and be brave, confident, fun and compassionate while maintaining the image of God and being a good witness..not judging or being a hypocrite, fixing the plank in my own eye before the speck in my neighbours…  But honestly it is like walking on a balance board.

Recently I got a Wii Fit.  The Wii measures my weight, and posture, balance and strength (sort of).  I have been told repeatedly (and I am bragging here so pleads drop your jaw and be amazed) that I have excellent posture!!  I am in fact a Yoga master on a few poses..   That is the good news, the bad news (besides being obese) is that I am "unbalanced".  I have tried the balance games over and over and I really just need to relax, but…GRRRR unbalanced keeps popping up.

Rats how do they know my emotional or mental state??  LOL  well emotional currently a bit unbalanced, but I am "using my core muscles (prayer and positive self-talk…and God’s word though I should read more)" to stabilize myself, and one thing I have been told is that the "muscles" will get stronger and stronger over time.  I believe they have gotten stronger, but some muscles I have not discovered yet…  Why do they have to hurt to find them? 😛


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