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I feel good…na na na.. I knew that I would…..

What a difference a weekend makes!!  I have a headache, got bit by a ant, but feel like a million and TWO dollars!!

Praise God for good feelings and hope filled mornings!!

I can not move my head very fast but I am laughing and smiling.  I like this mood I am in.  Put da lime in da coconut!!

Hey did you know lime and celery juice make you more prone to sunburn?  Don’t drip!!  We saw a Youtube "eatable sunscreen" thought it sounded hilarious… it turned out to be a fact filled news report… sigh.. it had all the potential.  Food, sun… food…  LOL

Yeah no soapboxes for me for a while.. though I am concerned that our nations landfills are just piling up and very little decomposition is happening.  I was at a church BBQ last night and someone made a sarcastic remark and I took it serious.  Oooops, but we all laughed!


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