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NO TAG BACKS DWIGHT!!!  That was a rule!!  You asked, I told.. then you broke the rule!!  Now you are going to PAY!!!!!

** Now since not everyone is privy to the information currently being shown in the above statement… I shall explain…. NO WAIT!!
Ummm… is it safe?  Okay the whole story … in short form.. unless this gets long then it’s the long form….

Mike aka Celdur of 12ds used the nefariously evil side of the internet to communicate to one of my nephews the instructions on how to make me GRRRRR… and it was simply this..  Hey can you tag your Aunt and say "Cel says YOUR IT"… and thusly Internet tag was born.  I then turned around and talked to my friend Earl, and asked his wife if she would "tag" Dwight for me since she was gonna be at a BBQ with him.  Later that week I got asked by Dwight what the rules were… I told him and he still tagged me back… CHEATER!!!  So now I am unsure if I am really it!  I have a few options…  I will see what happens.  I can handle it either way, but I wanted Dwight to know he was a CHEATER… Ha! Take that!!!  Rule breaker!!  …Rats now he will be proud to be a rebel…

Oh?  How did he tag me back?  Well I trusted him by not BCC all the contacts on a e-mail..(see look he is a confidence breaker as well!!)  and he got my friend Rachel to tag me!!  AH He is a Friend stealer too!!!  Jerk! 

Just kidding … on everything but the revenge….. One day… one day… Real soon….

I dont get it I am innocently relaxing and BAM!! I get tagged for no reason??  … Innocent I say!!


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