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Went camping

Well that was a great family camp out… and my whole family was there, except one niece.  Had a great time, got some good pictures and a family picture that is nearly complete.  Got bit by bugs, not itchy anymore

I just have not got the words for it today.  I did take my laptop and journaled some blogs which I will post tonight.  They even have pictures in them LOL

I hope to do nothing tonight.  But tomorrow morning I want to walk to work again.  I might play on 12ds tonight, though I dont consider that nothing.

Something about being with all my nieces and nephews makes me want to have my own family, but that is not where I am right now.  I need to accept that is not me at the moment and enjoy all the good things about being where I am at this time.  Leaving room for hope and speculation without getting lost in them.  Sigh it is a balance, but a similar struggle can exist in a married person as well, we both need balance.


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