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May 31 Pentecost at Queen Elizabeth Park

Well camp day number snow..but seemed cool.  My folks and my nephew James left La Crete around 3PM and set up camp for us.  Roy and I got there around 8PM, he headed off to visit a friend in Peace River whilst I went on a walk to the look out.  We walked for about 20 minutes with my folks’ two poodle like dogs.  Bobbin is the kind of dog who has to lift his leg for every almost bump like thing… he usually runs out of fluids, but has to continue to pretend.  Bailey kept begging James to carry her or to water her…  He was more than willing to let her lick out of his water bottle and then he would drink from there too. 

The look out seemed less active then when Ewa and I came here just two weeks ago, but then again it was almost dusk.

Jason Banman popped in to visit Roy and they talked about WoW for hours…  WoW is silly, and costs money… blah!!  Lawrence and Sara rolled in around midnight… all the kids were starving and now it sounds like they are gonna be up for hours..  well the big kids anyway, all the little ones are sleeping!!  Well back out to join the big kids before they come in to sleep LOL

  WOOT WOOT sunshine tomorrow!!!


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