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Play the cards your dealt well

Woot woot I have a 3 day weekend and no plans!  Well I thought I had plans, but as it turns out I don’t.  I wouldn’t have minded being told earlier, but perhaps they only found out yesterday.  I sure hope people understand that it is okay to cancel with me, but please do it sooner than later.  Monday I could have made other plans, but today I can not. 

I am going to revel in the time off of work in a different manner.  I am going to walk to the lake each morning on my own, and pretend I am on holiday in La Crete.  I am going to clean my underwear drawer of uncomfortable never worn scraps…  and clean my heart of regret.  I am not going to feel bitter and left out, I am instead going to find that girl who learned to invite people into her life and make friends.  The girl who was more spontanious and did not need to have plans to find something to do.  The girl who invited women to a campfire and ended up with over 12 people who did not know each other very well but had a good time.  I never do that anymore.  I guess partly because I worry that so-n-so wont get along with so-n-so and no one will show up.  I want to be braver.


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