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Wow! I have not been here for AGES!!

These days of summer just zoom past us.  I have been spending less time on my computer and more time outside.  I know Higgy would say it is because we only get one day of warm weather so we have to spend it outside..or something like that… Then he would add: MOVE! to the end.  Location location location!!

I had one campfire at my house so far and one evening in the hot tub.  I am not sure what my next adventure will be… Not Siberia!  No matter what Bela keeps saying!! 

I am always amazed that people want to be my friend…  I am not sure if that speaks poorly of me or anything, but it is cool to know people would like to talk to me or read my stuff.  I know I am not to horribly weird or anything, but I am not convinced I am so cool either… I mean I am only me… I do like people and think everyone needs someone to listen to them, and be their friend.  I can be friends with most people, but honestly I do not understand everyone and accept that some days I just will not be able to "get" everyone I talk to.

My tooth hurts today… not the one the dentist drilled out yesterday, but the one underneath it … it HURTS… and it didn’t before the dentist touched the other one!  My appointment was great… she said I was to tell her if I started to have feeling when they were working on it…  I started to feel ..something akin to pain, so I got them to juice me some more.  Then it was hurting when they were putting in the freezing..and I realized I was closing my mouth on the clamp…after I realized that it had not been where they were working that had been giving me the "feeling" LOL… I never told them that… my upper cheek all the way to my eye was frozen… my lower lid was not working and I wonder if my tear ducts were "paused" as well…  very odd.

Does anyone else sleep in the dentist’s chair?  I think of it as pain management… I get pain I get sleepy…  It is how I cope.  Hey that explains Mondays… LOL


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