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I can satiety say… OH I wish!!

satiety: fullness to or beyond the point of satisfaction

That is what God offers, but one does not always feel it… though if I think of my life I feel like the cup is empty at times, but I honestly think it is how I look at it.  I have lived a wonderful charmed life up to this point, and it makes it hard to "risk" at times.  I feel God is calling me to risk it all in a bold attempt to have it all.  I think that is why I want chaps LOL… I crave adventure and risk…  I want to hike in the mountains with a backpack and a GPS… or play soccer on a wide green field…  Learn to swim and dive in the ocean….  run and laugh just because I am alive…

That last one I do at times.  I do not need drugs or alchol to feel alive, free and reckless… sometimes I just am that way.  I get scared because I wonder what I will say or do whilst my inhibitions are down…and I crave an environment when I can just be free and not worry.  I have not found that yet..Lord will one day I will.

I do not want satisfaction, I want satiety!!


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