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Wowwweeee it has been an eventful time since I left.

1- went camping… saw strange things… I should have called 911, but perhaps it wasnt that bad.  I saw 2 people in the ditch, but I wasn’t sure why they were there…like what they were doing.  It was kind of erie and next time I call 911 so I dont wonder anymore.  I saw a guy changing a tire..but I almost ran over him because it was so dark and he was on the drivers side.  I had 2 deer cross the road around me… one infront one in behind me… AT THE SAME TIME…praise the Lord that I was slowing down to read a sign at the time… and I mean really slowing down because it was so dark…

2- had a great time camping.  It snowed 3-5"and I will post a picture later on.  I slept in my friends, Al & Ewa’s RV so it was toasty warm.  I have never slept in a little closet type bunk bed before… I guess at 2 am I am closterphobic.  I reined in my panic but slept have crouched in the space… the next night was better.  I thought about my friend on the submarine and wondered how much personal space they are allotted??  We walked down to this look out by the lake before it snowed and wow what a cool spot..again I will post pics.  We watched the new Star Trek movie in the theater which was awesome… well really funny and entertaining. 

3- had a great day back home yesterday.  I was all over the place in my thoughts … at one point i forgot that I was playing NWN and checked my e-mail … then 10 min later remembered..oops!  I then played with some funny folks, laughing joking and flirting… it was fun. 

4- had an e-mail from a long lost friend.  Found out he was not in jail as I suspected LOL… He is studying for the military. I am so proud of him, and worried at the same time…and I am not his momma..  LOL  God bless him and keep him safe.

5- had the most wonderful dream last night.  …  I wont tell you about it cause you will laugh…  here are some clues…  me.. a kid.. a guy… then love.. then a CAGE..  but still safe and comfort.. AN ALIEN!! WHAT!!  …  wow that sounds weird typed out… LOL… Enjoy!!  I so look forward to going back to sleep to see if it is still there… an alternate reality!!

6- I AM STILL HYPER!!!   I love the hyper me…but I worry I will get into trouble LOL.

Now to work!!

I want chaps and fishnet stockings… I promise only to wear them appropriately.  IE chaps for motorbiking, and stockings under cloths…


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