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Wake up Pittsburg..

Hmmmm…  I really have a poor memory!!  I forgot that I only received that devotional yesterday. LOL  It is still a good one and today I gave that advice to a man.  It is an old concept really, but one we too often forget!!  We fail to remember that if we keep moving forward, an dkeep getting better at something we are winners.  All too often we focus on the stumbling and forget the progress. 

We can do this!! 

Jeremiah is all full of stumbling and back-sliding, yet through it all and while Israel was in it God still loved them.  He never stopped no matter how it hurt to see them turn from Him and be unfaithful to Him.  That is a cool thought… He loves us, and wants us to follow Him and recieve His blessings!!  Again I say We can do this!

We being "God and I"!!  Or "God and you"!!  Which translates into "God and us"!!

PS. the title is not related to the content… it is what I thought at that moment!! LOL


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