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Anne Shirley… SERIOUSLY!

I forgot to mention a new food sensation… APPLE CRUMBLE!!

My friend Rachel invented it by accident, one might say… well I would say .  She was carrying a layered delivery to the outside BBQ at her folks, with a warm apple pie on the top.  They have a cabin where they do food prep in, it has a magnetic screen curtain thinger over the door for easy access and bug reduction…  I said from behind her, "just push your way through it" thinking it would just slide apart…  She pushed the curtain opened the pie slide and Whola ..Apple crumble was created.  There was also the step of putting it in a new container and mixing it up a bit.  I liked it myself, and I hear her nephew asked her to make it again yesterday evening LOL.

If the floor in the cabin had not just been cleaned then Apple Crumble might not have come to fruition either… but it was so it did. 

I came into the cabin to see Rach laughing hysterically… not out loud, just that silent I can not breath kind of laugh.  Her mom was not so impressed.  Seriously it was an Anne Shirley moment.


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