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Looking for A GOOD WOMAN?

I keep finding myself asking why life can not be less complicated… then I realize that I over complicate… then I sigh and I try to be simple again.  I find I am attracted to people I shouldn’t be and the things I do not want to do I do.  I find things I do not want to say I want to say, and I get frustrated with my thoughts.  I am glad to say I feel like I am getting better in these areas, but I still have  a long way to go.  My one friend Chris said that I try to make changes in myself Immediately!! and I expect that I will comply..  This is true, but I think I am forgiving to myself as well now, and that I realize that sometimes I will make mistakes.  All I can do is try to be better tomorrow, one step at a time.

Yesterday I was searching for a movie and one of my brother’s friend’s asked what I was doing… I said "I’m looking for A GOOD WOMAN."  He goes, "Have you looked in the mirror lately??"  Awww that was sweet.  I found the movie and watched it, I recommend it as well.  "A Good Woman"


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