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Jeremiah revisted

Wow… I guess I forgot to blog yesterday… well just that little depressing blog thinger.  I have to admit I was feeling much better towards the end of the day and last night I slept so very well.  Sorry if I left you hanging with that blog, it wasn’t all that bad, but my brain was fried.

I had a Bible study on Jeremiah with a friend, but I realize we forgot to pray…  Well at least I did and then she didn’t say anything. 

Okay so what I learned so far from Jeremiah 1-6:
– God commissioned Jeremiah, and had chosen him before he was born for the job of prophet
– Even though Israel rejected God he still avidly pursued them to win them back and turn aside His wrath
– Jeremiah had a heart for his country, and a heavy burden to bear… I doubt he was very popular with his countrymen as he was pointing at all their sins

I particularly liked chapter one where God was telling Jeremiah to go and Jeremiah said "I am but a child" and God said go I will look after you and give you words to speak, I will be watching to see that my words are fulfilled as well…  Well that is my paraphrase.

Next week we are going to do Jeremiah 7-12 &13.  Her bible has the book broken into sections so we are following it, but covering a minimum of 5 chapters.

I wonder what God is going to reveal through this process?  I wonder if I Jeremiah, or if I am Israel…  Or neither and just a student LOL.  In anycase it feels good to be back in the word, and discussing it with someone.


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