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Well that was a trip…in more ways than one

We drove for 5 1/2 hours, arriving at 11:30pm.. ate a bagel from Tim Hortons and slept till 6:30am, showered and got ready for a 8am meeting.  The Meeting was great, I admire the RIM sales rep. Amanda.  She really knew how to engage the audience and get us participating.  Her stories and real life examples were entertaining and humorous. 

After the 1 1/2hr training we chatted with our DDM Angelika for about 10 min.  I think we had come from the furthest distance, and it was interesting just to catch up with her.  We often feel like she ignores us up here, but in truth I imagine she is pretty swamped with all the changes in the marketplace.  I know I have a hard time trying to keep up with it all, and her job is definitely more complex, plus she has a small child.  We talked abit about the changes to the Source by CC, and how it might affect our relationship with Telus.  It was good to hear that talks are going on between the new owners and Telus, and hopefully they do not force us to change carriers.  Perhaps we will be forced into selling both services….sigh more training .

After that we sped off to Giant Tiger…then Wal-mart where we ate McDonalds… then Costco…then Petland ..then Reitmans …then Sears.  I purchased a lot of movies and even a few TV series.  Some tank-tops, a cool little sweater (ON SALE), a great dressy shirt (ON SALE!), a B-day gift for my God-son, some books and pencils…  Hmmm Oh!  TOMATO JUICE!!  You know in the little cans… I needed some for work.. OH YEAH!!  A Road map of Canada, USA and Mexico, now I can better scope out PA. 

We got home around 12:30am…  My brain is fried…  We saw lots of deer in both directions, but none on the road. 

This morning I came into work to be told that a customer I had talked to had left upset the day before.  Apparently the plan I had set-up to help them backfired..  But later I found out that she had not been upset, and infact a solution had been found so no worries.

Well off to work for me…  Oh bother lol


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