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The bright side

I may not be a mother, but I very tired of babysitting adults.  They know how to read follow the stinking instructions!!  Hello!! so your account seems like your locked out.. hey guess what follow the help instructions and don’t bother crying about it…  So you can’t do your training till tomorrow..WHO CARES… you have to do what you have to do… WHY make more stress why whine … just DO IT.

Crapperjacks now I am really tired…  Ugh…  Yeah me.

Now I look at what I just typed… How would Jesus handle this situation?  Sigh…  What would he say to me.. or to the whiner?  Who can learn or grow character from this situation?  I sure pray both of us.  I can "do it" for him… but it is not the doing it that bothers me but the whining and anger they throw at the problem. 

Hello!!  Your getting paid to figure it out..just like I am getting paid to help you!!   That is the bright side.


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