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Campfire Bliss

Well I had a fabulous time at the campfire last night with my church family.  My friend canceled, but my nephew decided he wanted to go…which seemed a tad odd to me.  I thought it started at 7..turned out it was 7:30 but we only got there at 7:45 and we were not late LOL.  

James and I both went with a feeling of "hmmm I wonder if I will find a friend".  He was more concerned than I, and I shouldn’t ever get that feeling since ihave a wonderful fun church family, but it takes me a while to feel accepted and I don’t like those gatherings where everyone talks to each other and I am alone.  Some times I just do not feel like I fit anywhere.  James made a friend in Jonathan Dyck and had a great time.  Periodically he asked to go home, but by the time I was ready he didn’t want to again LOL.  And I was content to stay till the end.

Johnny Wieler was gone when the Easter bunny appeared…sorry no pictures, that bunny is illusive…  Zion could get a suit after all!!  The kids were having a great time trying to figure out who was in the suit.  Mel & Norm’s little girl was terrified!!

There are misquitoes already BIG HUGE GINORMOUS ones!!  But they did not seem to bite me?  Hmmmm interesting!


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