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Unlimited time?

Yesterday I posted what I would do with unlimited money… what about unlimited time?  Now this one could get trick because it involves time travel and wormholes and quantum physics…  but if I had all the time in the world, and no moment would be wasted because I could make it more a pool than a continuing moving stream that floods by sooo fast that so many slip past unnoticed .

1- help everyone who asks me
2- make sure my friends & family feel valued
3- give myself some time for painting and relaxing
4- get all my work done at home and work
5- actually landscape my yard and tend it
6- hang cloths out on the line instead of the dryer
7- walk everywhere
8- hmmm  learn the mandolin or some other stringed instrument… I think a guitar or a harp could be fun
9- encourage others… hmmm this should be higher up  but I forgot it
10- train a dog and give it all the time it needs
11- romance might be in there but I could be happy with out it, and I am not one force God’s hand in this.  If it is His will then it will happen on His time not mine.  I know what signs I am waiting for…even though I do read others from time to time.
12- hope more and be thankful more… praise more!!
13-  hmmmm  to be continued…

See these are things I can do already and some will wait until the correct time….  I want a cloths line and eventually I want to live in a place where I can keep a dog.  These are things I see in my future.  Landscaping the yard might be this summer now that the garage is there and I can do things my way a bit.  I need big strong men to come and go collect rocks with me… yeppers I know what I want LOL!!


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